Gulf Horizon Contracting—Oil & Gas Division Pipeline Services :
The division of Gulf Horizon Contracting is the Oil and Gas Division. This division has done many projects in the past for Aramco and SABIC. Today the Oil and Gas Division of Gulf Horizon Contracting has a major expansion plan that will offer a wide range of downstream services that will be executed by top-notch engineers in the Oil & Gas Industry. The main goal of the Oil & Gas Division is to provide its clients with quality services that conform to international standards and exceed clients’ expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner

The following are some of the Pipeline Services that Gulf Horizon Contracting is offering through its expansion plan:

1. Pipeline Construction.
2. Long range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT).
3. Intelligent Pigging.
4. Pipeline Descaling and Cleaning.
5. Hydro services.
6. Pipeline Hot Tap.
7. Corrosion Monitoring.
8. Valve Services.
9. Cathodic Protection.
10. Glass Reinforced Epoxy Pipe Services.
11. Sandblasting & Painting.
12. Nitrogen Services